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Why Andiwo Mwai is my preferred candidate;Steve-Scott Ondiek

The race to be the next Member of Parliament  for Bondo Constituency has since gathered steam ahead of the ODM nominations.

Of the four candidates who are contesting for the seat,the race seems to have narrowed down to a two horse race.

Business man Andiwo Mwai is seeking to dethrone the incumbent Gedion Ochanda who he will face off in the ODM party primaries.

However,2017 parliamentary aspirant Steve-Scott Ondiek who lost narrowly to Ochanda is yet in to give him another hard tussle as he is rallying behind Andiwo Mwai.

Scott who has been overseas for quite some time has declared his support for Andiwo Mwai.

Speaking during the Sakwa declaration in Nyang’oma,he cited that Mwai was the only suitable candidate to bring economic youth empowerment in the area. 

“As the people of Sakwa, we have officially endorsed Andiwo Mwai as our parliamentary candidate,” he said. 

The owner of Matangwe Clinic Centre noted that he will will use both his political influence and financial muscle to aid Andiwo clinch the constituencies top seat.

With the oncoming nominations,he also noted that they will ensure that Mr. Mwai emerges victorious through thick and thin.

“Andiwo is the peoples favourite and I am sure that come the nominations we will have the certificate at hand,” said Scott.

He further termed the incumbent as an opportunist who has been riding on the back of others while using their projects to seek votes .

“There is nothing substancial that Ochanda has done since he was elected as Bondo Mp, those who have eyes can see, this is the time for change to bring in fresh leadership which is Andiwo Mwai, ” he furthered.

With the Sakwa declaration the team is now tasked with convincing the Yimbo clan to make Andiwo the next legislator for Bondo constituency. 

The duo also urged residents to support James Orengo for the the Siaya gubernatorial seat and also Azimio la Umoja presidential aspirant Raila Odinga.

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