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Kenyan women striving to remain in the market, liposuction getting its way into women’s heart

“After I lost weight, there was the whole plus size community who came to me, asking how i did it, it was a personal decision, all I can say is be happy in your skin.”

This were the sentiments from Kalekye Mumo after revealing that she had gone through a liposuction procedure.

After strugglling with weight issues for a long time the media personality was only left with one option after the doctors warning of the belly over her weight.

“My doctor said if I dont’t lose this weight, i could get a blood clot, that is when I took the issue seriously,” she said.

Mumo shed off 40kilograms after enrolling with a Fat Loss Lab where she underwent a liposuction procedure to get the different look.


Cosmetic surgery is a lucrative business that is in the world.

Africa has only few centres that offer this services since its expensive and requires specialists with years of experience.

Liposuction, a technique in cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat from under the skin by suction.

The procedure is usually done when dieting and exercise have not been able to get rid of the undesirable fat deposits.

While the procedure requires a lot of risks, most women are willing to put themselves through it just to fit in or flaunt their body.

With a few doing it for health reasons, others want to be perfect and happy in their skin and for some, just to impress.

Liposuction has been there since way back but Kenyans are embracing the new trend.

On the risk

Just like Mumo, popular radio and TV personality, Risper Faith and podcaster Murugi Munyi also made their way to try out the procedure.

Two years ago Risper Faith had a baby, she put on weight during the pregnancy, and the extra pounds of fat were too much for her affecting her self-esteem.

“I haven’t worn a bikini since the birth of my son. I was not confident of wearing one because I felt uneasy since I had lost my sexy look. I needed my body shape back and boost my self-esteem as a woman,” she said.

Nine Kilograms of fat was sucked out of her stomach and lower back getting her back body.

“My husband and I had been looking for a solution to bring my body back to shape. When we heard of Body by Design Kenya, and that a liposuction procedure would cost sh.450, 000, we were excited and decided to do it hoping that the result would turn out perfect,” she added.

Few weeks ago Murugi Munyi,a co-host of the popular TMI podcast,went through the procedure losing 8.7 litres of fat.

Munyi shared her happiness on social media saying she was satisfied with the outcome.

“The procedure went well and I’m recovering, the pain medication I’m on are real strong, so I’ve been in and out of sleep since Thursday afternoon. Recovery is hard but we are taking it one step at a time, one day at a time,” she stated.

The podcaster noted that the most difficult part of the experience was managing pain and that she was taking the time to rest.

Murugi further explained to her fans that her recovery would take a considerable amount of time, promising to give details once she is fully recovered.

Beauty is pain

The expensive procedure comes with a lot of complications and one has to ascertain a number of things before trying it.

Some of the complications include bleeding, reaction anaesthesia and the healing process is not easy.

The procedure costs Sh350,000 to Sh800,000 on the lower end.

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