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CBC is here to stay,CS Magoha confirms

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has termed claims by politicians to scrap off the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) system after the August 9th polls to be futile as it would be unfair to more than 6 million learners under the system.

ANC and Ford Kenya parties allied to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance have continued to propose the recalling of the system if they win the presidential election.

The parties have claimed that the system was hurriedly implemented without wide and genuine consultations with stake holders and that the new system is a burden parents.

CS Magoha has however defended the system saying that there is no road back to the old system as the new system has already made major advancements.

“You can bark out there but you cannot take a Grade Six child back to Standard One to go prepare for KCPE. These children have gone through seven years of CBC since PP1.How do you think you can take them back? Which mother will allow you? Before we open our mouths, think first,” said Magoha.

The pioneer CBC class is in Grade Five and should transition Grade Six in May this year. The learners should complete their primary education by December.

This implicates that that they will be joining the junior secondary in January, 2023 as well as the learners who will sit for the KCPE examinations in December 2022.

The secondary school population will then in January, 2023 increase to 6 million as the junior secondary schools are domiciled in the secondary schools.

This demanded for 20,000 extra classrooms and the government has yet constructed only 6,400 classrooms at the secondary schools.

The big question now remains on who will teach the junior secondary schools as the political temperatures rise to see who will secure the learners interests in the new system.

“I serve the president and all children are the same. When his terms ends, I shall end it with him, what happens after that, is it my business? It is God’s business. Will you allow them to mess with your children?” said Magoha.

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