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In whose hands are we safe when dating online? Tinder Swindler movie sparks reactions with new revelations

Netflix new documentary centered around Simon Leviev, an Israeli who reportedly swindled up to $10 million from a group of women through online dating app.

This documentary has been the talk of town sparking various reactions online with so many people relating to the story.

Tinder swindler tells a complete story of the experiences of three women who fell victims of Simon who pretends to be a billionaire’s son and a diamond company heir to convince them to be around him and later loans money from them deceiving them to get it back.

Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernillla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte were all conned by Simon using a similar strategy.

Simon would slowly develop a relationship with them overtime, during which he would be using money he had taken from other victims to treat the women.

“When I started talking with Simon, we immediately connected and I shared my whole heart with him. Then he offered to take me on a private jet, he would send me a bouquet of flowers and be all romantic, I had pictured a perfect relationship with him,” the women narrate.

The show goes on to reveal how Simon would pretend to have survived an attack, sending pictures of an injury that his supposed body guard had suffered and claiming his enemies were tracking him using his credit cards.

These women willingly transferred large amounts of money to his account and even went ahead open new credit card accounts to help Simon stay safe.

Fjellhoy who is now bankrupt in the United Kingdom had her loans are mostly spent in Norway, says she was also conned through the same system.

“The thing is that they are very smart about it, he doesn’t ask for money the first time, its more security of the name.He would say, I cant use my credit card, like they’re going to track my name and he’ll be like, can I use yours?So that’s how they started,” she narrates.

According to victims this situations sometimes cause psychological break down on realization of the reality.

In reality Simon was a serial fraudster who used his charm to prey on unsuspecting singletons using online dating apps, earning him the name, ‘Tinder Swindler’ and has since been banned from all dating apps.

Kenyans were not left behind in this as always with several individuals making fun of the story.

“Tinder Swindler should be introduced as a compulsory course in all the girl schools, still in shock,” wrote Joyce Gituro on Facebook.

“Sasa Kila mtu anasema Kenya ati ashameet tinder swindler na tunajua madame wa Kenya na ‘sasa utadu’ even in death situations ,” wrote @Misschiku on Twitter.

The only question left now is online dating safe?

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