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You are bully, I can’t be your friend, Kamene tells Mulamwah

Radio host Kamene Goro has revealed that they do not talk with Mulamwa after he body shamed her on social media.

During an interview with comedian Obinna’s Kulacooler show on Monday, she was asked why she doesn’t like the comedian.

Kamene claimed that the comedian Mulamwa bullied her sometimes back on social media and she will never forgive him because he’s a bully who takes advantage of comedy to mask his true nature.

“Mulamwah is a bully and he thinks just because he’s a comedian it’s okay for him to be a bully, I posted a picture he went and wrote something extremely hateful and I was like what did I do wrong?,”said Kamene.

The hatred between the two began after Kamene posted a picture on social media with comedian Rono posing in a pool.

Mulamwah went to the comment section and said if the two women were to get in the pool all the water would pour out.

“So I posted a picture with Rono and we were sitting at the swimming pool rooftop at my place, Mulamwah replied to the post and said if the two of us get into the pool all the water pours out. I’m like who is ? so i got to his DM and I’m like what is this nonsense? because you do not know me like this,” said Kamene.

Mulamwa came out to apologise admitting that he was wrong and didn’t know better back then through his YouTube page saying that he felt bad for the wrong doing.

“I just want to tell her sorry about that and I see you we’re good. Hajaniblock sijamblock, tunalike maphotos, so thank you so much,”he said on social media.

He also noted that he apologized back then after he realized his comment was bad and it really hurt Kamene’s feelings.

“ I went to her direct messages and apologized I look up to those big people so when I know I have done wrong to any of them I usually feel bad,” Mulamwa added.

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